Customer Service

Ecco delivers a variety of personalized services for everything from collections to billing, service inquiries and problem resolution, to help you boost your customer's acquisition, retention and grow your brand.

Technical Support

We provide Support Solutions throught inbound call, live chat and emails to maximize customer's satisfaction and loyalty and increase revenue with solutions designed to address the most complex customers.

Lead Generation

We support the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sectors to maintain a continous flow of sales leads, managing from prospects qualification to win-back initiatives and up-selling, cross-selling programs.

Audience Development and Direct Response

We have the tools in our extensive portfolio of solutions to engage with your target audience. This includes agents specializing in phone and digital solutions, up-sell and cross-sell capabilities, SMS texting and automated IVR that specializing in phone and digital solutions, up-sell and cross-sell capabilities, SMS texting and automated IVR that provide both stand-alone or agent integration and bilingual agents.

Data Entry


Our highly experienced team has the capability to handle large volumes of data entry and analysis, providing accurate and timely data entry services such as: Data entry from images, Online order entry and follow up and mailing list for a variety of industries and companies.

Back Office Solutions


By integrating Back Office solutions to your company you will simplify day-to-day tasks and we will help you to significantly lower overhead costs and streamline your operations

Some Words About Us

Ecco is a leading BPO and call center solutions provider. Founded in 2007, we are committed to offering quality and innovative services to our clients, building strong and lasting relationships which have turned them into business associates.

Why Choose Us

Experiences are better when shared

Great customer experience starts with great people that are well trained to address the needs and add value to your customers.

Keeping the promise of better experiences is how Ecco Corp is helping our clients grow their customer base. As a leading outsourcing service provider, Ecco combines knowledge sharing, a ‘people first’ culture and unparalleled excellence at both the global and local level.

Whether you partner with us as a client or associate, you will discover what it takes to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

 PCI DSS Compliance


 Redundant Infrastructure

 Competitive Rates

Who we are


Our  mission consists of three separate objectives:


To be a strategic link in our customers’ communication processes, committed to exceeding their expectations around the clock.


To provide our employees with opportunity, giving them voice to express their talent, passion, and commitment to excellence.


To develop remarkable solutions, using our expertise and consistent, disciplined action to deliver peace of mind.
Guided by our mission and our values, our  vision is to build a legacy of excellence one call at a time and to become the best option as an offshore partner in the contact center industry providing the opportunity to give voice to dreams both today and tomorrow.


Being our  values:



We operate with uncompromising integrity in every conversation and transaction, and are guided by truth, honesty, and sincerity.



We stand behind what we say and the services we provide, and hold ourselves accountable for our resources and our actions.



We are dedicated to developing trust-based relationships with our customers and team members.



We are self-motivated in our actions, disciplined in our decision-making, and directed by our values.

Our Team

Freddy Fernández


Félix Fernández


Randy Bare

VP of Operations

Diza Burnett

Senior VP of Sales

Jose Osvaldo Moncion

IT Director


Deepen your connection to your customers

Ecco Corp believes that great customer experiences are powered by people who love what they do and where they work. By putting people first, we deliver great experiences every day, while sharing one common passion to make every customer experience memorable. Wherever they are, our dedicated people always speak the right language,so building trust and getting closer to your customers comes naturally.


Experience Ecco Corp Industry Knowledge

Ecco Corp has vast experience across all major verticals, including financial services, communications, healthcare, manufacturing, media and entertainment, public sector, retail, technology. As your outsourcing partner, your business objectives become our shared objectives. With our wealth of expertise, we are dedicated to joining forces with you, to sharing our knowledge, and to growing your business together.

Media and Audience Development

The evolving media and publishing landscape presents constant challenges and unique opportunities. Ecco understands the need to provide both technological and human intelligence to ensure ROI remains strong. Utilizing multi-channel services and systems, we offer real time solutions that maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty, drive low cost-per-subscriber rates and ensure on time delivery of goals. In this dynamic marketplace, we uphold the highest quality standards to ensure we consistently deliver an outstanding product and premium value to our clients. Whether you are looking to update your requal file, attract new subscribers, drive attendance to an event, or simply to update your database – we have the experience and capability to do it all.


Leading Industry-Specific Solutions

With our extensive experience across a wide range of verticals, Ecco Corp delivers leading, industry-specific customer experience solutions. We work with different clients, and while each industry requires vastly different expertise, we consistently deliver one thing that is vital to every industry – an exceptional customer experience.




First-class customer service solutions for the communications sector. At Ecco Corp, we understand that in the highly competitive, constantly evolving communications market, delivering a superior customer experience is key to customer satisfaction and continued business success. We have extensive experience in providing market-leading customer service outsourcing for bundled, (Phone/Cable/Internet)


Delivering customer support excellence and innovation for the manufacturing industry. At Ecco Corp, we understand that delivering a consistently positive customer experience can be the key differentiation between you and a competitor. As one of the leading BPO companies, Ecco Corp has the experience and global expertise to ensure that you deliver world-class service to your customers, every time, over multiple channels. (Home Warranty/Food).


Public Sector

Delivering customer-centric services for the public sector. Ecco Corp has the experience, expertise and resources to help government and public organizations achieve their strategic goals in a rapidly evolving environment, Ecco Corp can provide dynamic business process outsourcing for all your requirements.


Ecco Corp provides multi-channel customer service outsourcing solutions to some of the biggest and best known retailers in the world. In a fiercely competitive market, consumers are drawn to the best value for money and have more choice at their disposal than ever before. Our global expertise and extensive retail experience means we can help you address the needs of the most important seasons of the year and offer your customers a consistently high quality experience with every contact that keeps them coming back.



At Ecco Corp, we understand the intense profitability challenges faced by technology businesses across the world. Our range of business process outsourcing services will help you to effectively manage your customer relationships, providing world-class care that will increase brand loyalty and ensure you stay ahead of the competition by innovative solutions designed to transform the contact center into a profit driver.

Travel and Tourism

In a fast-moving, highly competitive market, travel and tourism companies are recognizing a need to minimize operational costs and retain scalability in order to maintain a competitive edge. Ecco Corp has geared its business process outsourcing solutions towards helping our clients achieve these cost reductions while maintaining the high standards expected of their brand.



One fact remains constant within the utility industry: in order to succeed, companies must find cost-effective ways to communicate with their customers. Ecco Corp is one of the national leading providers among call center outsourcing in the energy and utilities industries, assisting clients in attaining greater levels of customer loyalty and value, and improving responsiveness..


Do your work somewhere you want to be!

At Ecco we invest in every one of our talented, motivated team members and make sure they gain good experiences and knowledge from every stage of the process, whether providing growth opportunities or continous training and educational programs in related fields.

To offer our customers a personalized service throught the phone and following the guidelines provided for the assigned project.

  1. Age: Over 18 years old
  2. Gender: Male or Female
  3. Academic level: High School Diploma
  4. Experience: NO
  5. Languages: Fluent Bilingual (English and Spanish)
  6. Willingness to Travel: No Applicable

  1. Initiative and adaptability
  2. Customer Service Management
  3. Basic computer literacy
  4. Attention to details

  1. Ability of persuasion
  2. Effective Listening Skills
  3. Conflict management and analysis
  4. Empathy
  5. Verbal and written fluency
  6. Good pronunciation
  7. Voice inflexion
  8. Sales Techniques

Monitor and provide feedback to the personnel following the provided guilines and maintaining the quality standards of the assigned projects.

  1. Age: Over 18 years old
  2. Gender: Male or Female
  3. Academic level: College Student
  4. Experience: Preferable
  5. Languages: Fluent Bilingual (English and Spanish)
  6. Willingness to Travel: No Applicable

  1. Marketing strategies
  2. Initiative and adaptability
  3. Excel intermidiate domain
  4. Knowledge of operatives systems
  5. Personnel management

  1. Persuasion and leadership ability
  2. Conflict and stress management
  3. Proactivity and teamwork
  4. Verbal and written fluency in both languages
  5. Advanced mastery of spelling and grammar

Plan, organize and direct the resources entrusted to them (staff, budget, equipment and materials) to meet the requirements, cost and time to successfully complete and maintain the projects under his responsibility.

  1. Age: Over 21 years old
  2. Gender: Male or Female
  3. Academic level: Bachelor of Business Administration, Economics, Marketing or related field
  4. Experience: 3 years
  5. Languages: Fluent Bilingual (English and Spanish)
  6. Willingness to Travel: Yes

  1. Communicator to maintain interest in the project and the timely action of the different areas of the company
  2. Financial administrator of the physical, technological, human and belonging to projects
  3. Mentor coach to stimulate, monitor, motivate and correct to the members of the assigned team
  4. Mastering Microsoft Office Advanced
  5. Knowledge of operatives systems
  6. Personnel management

  1. Communication
  2. Leadership and work under pressure
  3. Motivation
  4. Planning
  5. Control project advances
  6. Quality assurance
  7. Responsibility
  8. Vision goals and fulfillment of achievements
  9. Service vocation

Organize and provide the workshop guide and track group progress by evaluating training class and determine whether they have met the required training Objectives.

  1. Age: 18 - 35 years old
  2. Gender: Male or Female
  3. Academic level: Bachelor of Business Administration, Psychology or related careers
  4. Experience: 2 years
  5. Languages: Fluent Bilingual (English and Spanish)
  6. Willingness to Travel: Yes

  1. Human resources management
  2. Knowledge of operatives systems
  3. Personnel management
  4. Acknowledge all regulations, policies and standards of the company
  5. Acknowledge the labor code
  6. Acknowledge and use of all systems within the company
  7. Complete mastery of Power Point

  1. Persuasion and leadership ability
  2. Conflict and stress management
  3. Communication skills
  4. Verbal and written fluency in both languages
  5. Human relations skills
  6. Development of performance evaluations

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